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Members of the team in their Midsummer Night's Murder costumesMurder nights are very popular forms of entertainment that usually owe their success to the interaction between the guests and the performers. When present a murder, the format is something like this.

As the guests enter the venue, they meet the suspects who introduce themselves and talk in general terms about how the evening may progress. Even at this stage, vital clues are revealed, although the audience may not realise the significance of them until much later.

Each guest receives a brief potted history of all the suspects, as well as a summary of the events leading up until the night. They are also given pencils, rubbers and solution sheets to make notes. Guests therefore meet the suspects but are not asked to be suspects themselves. For the majority of our murders, the guests are left to enjoy their first course in relative peace before that most gruesome of events, the murder itself. This may take the form of actually seeing the victim stagger around before apparently dying, one might hear gunshots or the victim arguing or the murder might be reported by one of the suspects.

Photos of the murder scene may be circulated at this point or guests may be invited to actually visit the scene of the crime. From that point, our guests can take a more active role or, if they wish, just sit back, enjoy the rest of their meal, and watch as the mystery unfurls around them. Guests are also often invited to investigate the victim's possessions, which may give up more vital evidence. As the evening progresses, all guests have the opportunity to meet every suspect and question them about their alibis, motives, opportunities, etc. There is also a session where questions are taken from the floor to the suspects, which often results in some red-herrings being created by the audience themselves. The final part of the evening allows the audience to select who the murderer is, as well as the method and reasons behind the deed. After all these solutions are taken in, we reveal the guilty party and he or she makes a full confession. Be warned though, that even at this late stage we may very well have a trick or two up our sleeves.

The format of our murder nights has been tried and tested through countless performances and our experienced team of actors is now very adept at answering the most probing of questions. Our solution sheets also incorporate an audience research section which gives the booker instant feedback about how well the evening has gone, as well as the opportunity to establish a mailing list for the next time should they rebook. All in all, the whole thing makes for a brilliant, unusual and above all fun night's entertainment.

Try one and you'll be hooked! It could even be the death of you!

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